Nakeisa Jackson


Nakeisa Jackson is a HIV educator, speaker, author, and wellness advocate. While in college Nakeisa, received devastating news after a doctor’s visit. She received a diagnosis with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
(HIV). After receiving this news, she decided toget educated on the disease and seek out services. When she began her journey of healing, she noticed a major gap in representation of women living with HIV. Nakeisa took this information and decided to change her major to nursing and attend Georgia State University. She graduated in 2012 with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
Nakeisa has been featured in blogs, various podcast, radio shows and featured on Atlanta Live. Her first book entitled Life After HIV: Removing the Mask debuted in 2018. In this book she shares many experiences that occurred after her diagnosis and shares how she made it through. Nakeisa also uses her Youtube Channel, Podcast and fictional series to educate people around the world about H.I.V.
Nakeisa Jackson is on a mission to educate women around the world via the internet and through community events. She just recently launched her nonprofit organization Aniyah’s Space in fall 2019 to provide safe spaces for women living with HIV, mental illness or overcoming various trauma as well as host community events to educate the community.

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