Highlander's PAR Institute

Michelle Colon


As a lifelong grass roots, social justice activist and organizer, (Michelle’s activism began when she was born female), entrenched in the battle of achieving full inclusion of women’s human rights with a particular emphasis on reproductive health/reproductive justice, Michelle has worked in two of the most hostile environments protecting, defending and expanding abortion rights and access for women/girls of color in Mississippi and Texas.

She is a co-founder and active member of SHERO (Sisters Helping Every women Rise and Organize), a Black Women’s Collective working to help Black women/girls and femmes, regardless of gender identity, preference or sexual orientation, find their path to liberation, through a holistic approach that dismantles oppressive patriarchy by achieving full inclusion, leadership, and equality through community organizing. SHERO encompasses the whole spectrum of the reproductive justice paradigm bridging the multiple divides within the movement and shifting the internal practices so that collectively it can be more proactive and effective in achieving reproductive justice for all Mississippians.

SHERO’s purpose is to take action through grassroots activism and education to promote Black feminist ideals in achieving societal change and protecting the rights of Black women/girls. And cultivate new leadership of Black women, by Black women for the needs of Black women, using multi strategies and a holistic approach.

Michelle is a lover of animals, nature and a huge GoT fan!

PAR Institute Experiences: Fall ’21 Cohort
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