Highlander's PAR Institute

Márquez Rhyne


As a popular educator, artist, and strategist Márquez Rhyne seeks to impact culture writ large by making healing, justice, and liberation common sense, alluring and inevitable. Strategically using art, culture, and narrative, they do so in ways that make an outsized impact toward improving life outcomes related to race, economics, gender, health, and labor. Márquez trains, mentors, and coaches creatives and movement leaders across the globe to wield stories in service of building narrative power, differentiating the former and latter. Interminably fascinated with creativity and flow, they enjoy science fiction, Afrofuturism, and vegan cuisine. Currently living on the South Side of Chicago, Márquez hails from Memphis, Tennessee.

PAR Institute Experiences: Presenter
Backs of rocking chairs in a line with purple mountains in the distance