Highlander's PAR Institute

Laura Ekua


Laura Ekua (she/her) is a Black person who loves Black people. Her work has largely focused on projects that directly benefit cash poor, working class Black folk in the South. She’s organized labor campaigns with Fight for $15, coordinated the New Orleans Black Mama’s Bailouts with SONG, led the field strategy against an anti-abortion amendment and fundraised & dispersed mutual aid funds. Laura is a staunch Abolitionist & Anti-Capitalist whose goal is to alleviate the suffering of the oppressed. Much of her childhood was spent barefoot by a river in the Chesapeake Bay where her mother’s family lived. Her father’s family are farmers and fishers in Senya-Beraku, Ghana. She is now based in New Orleans, with no plans to leave. Laura has a degree in Anthropology and is currently a member of BYP100.

PAR Institute Experiences: Fall ’21 Cohort
Backs of rocking chairs in a line with purple mountains in the distance