Highlander's PAR Institute

Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arèsà


Ifátùmínínú Bamgbàlà Arèsà is a multidisciplinary artist, activist and educator. Born and raised in New Orleans, Ifátùmínínú suppressed her creative side for a decade before moving to Tanzania where she was reborn. She continues to actively work across the diaspora by building and maintaining relationships in the Motherland.

Ifátùmínínú is the Founder and Head Revolutionary in Charge of a monthly meet up for melanated folks entitled “a BLACK creative’s guide” in which BLACK people convene in art institutions, take up space and have relaxed discourse about art from THEIR perspective. The organization’s ultimate goal is for the GLOBAL LIBERATION of BLACK PEOPLE through arts and culture.

Ifátùmínínú is an ordained and trained Traditional West Afrikan Ifá Priest who considers her artwork an extension of her spiritual work. As such, she expresses herself and her identity through her Ancestors which manifests in all her endeavors. You can find out more about her at www.ifatumininu.com.

PAR Institute Experiences: Fall ’21 Cohort
Backs of rocking chairs in a line with purple mountains in the distance