Highlander's PAR Institute

free feral


free feral works with sound, song and story to explore the mundane mysticism of survival and memory. As a musician and composer, they create scores for film, theatre, and dance using strings, loops, and vocals. As a writer, they like to explore non-fiction narratives through a poet’s eye view. In 2020, with Sultana Isham, they founded Alphabet Sound Observatory, offering free and affordable access to quality home recording equipment, mentorship, and training opportunities to BIPOC women and gender variant folk in New Orleans. free has partnered with Annette Hollowell, Sipp Culture and Carpetbag Theatre to present We Are the Promised Land, a multimedia exploration of Black inheritance in Mississippi’s Hill Country, through which they interrogate regional and familial legacies, and explore what it takes to give our ancestors the afterlife they deserve. Look out for it in 2022.

PAR Institute Experiences: Fall ’21 Cohort
Backs of rocking chairs in a line with purple mountains in the distance