Highlander's PAR Institute

Cristal Brister


Cristal Brister is a Cultural Organizer & Interdisciplinary Artist who is committed to elevating the voices of those whose stories have been historically marginalized. Her interests lie at the intersection of art, advocacy, and policy. Through skilled facilitation, she fosters vulnerability and action towards change by utilizing Applied Theatre techniques and empathy to create experiences that build community, deepen self-awareness, deconstruct complex themes, and allow participants to connect more deeply around issues of social concern and take action towards change. She draws on a background of over 14 years experience in traditional and applied theatre, the nonprofit sector, community building and youth development. Cristal is a creative catalyst for change who takes an arts based approach to dismantling false narratives and assists folks in excavating their inner resources.

PAR Institute Experiences: Fall ’21 Cohort
Backs of rocking chairs in a line with purple mountains in the distance