Carissa Rodgers


Carissa M. Rodgers is also known as Jionni Olamide or Your Spiritual Plug. She is a spiritual and cultural healer, artist and organizer who has always had a deep desire for /authentic living balanced with truth and a justice, transformative learning and creative solutions for creating the life we desire.
At 34 years of age, she’s been a college professor, a fully ordained elder in the United Methodist Church as well as a full time, third generation, entrepreneur.
From her skills gained in the Church, Carissa now runs The Alternative Tribe, a nonprofit focused on creating safe space for the BIPOC communities to take charge of their own healing, growth and development through focusing on youth development, cultural education, economic empowerment and collective wellness. She also works with Highlander Research and Education Center facilitating education opportunities in the South engaging Participatory Action Research.
She is the author of ‘A Secret Pack of Passages: Transforming Pain into Purpose’ which is now available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback versions.

PAR Institute Experiences: Presenter
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